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Hey everyone, I tried to do some searches but nothing was coming up for this particular rack/platform. I currently have the Yakima off-grid on OEM crossbars on my 2020 ascent, and well, and I came pretty close to the clearance height on alot of parking structures, so I been looking at other options.
Prinsu - I don't want to drill any holes or take the headliner to install
Frontrunner - $$$ compared to the Yakima

Does anyone here have the Yakima LockNLoad on their ascent? If so what size?
Yakima website shows that if you go with the smaller version platform K 55x49 you can't mount onto the raised roof rails, but trying to confirm, you can only mount it to the cross bars. However if you go with the larger platform B 60x54 you can mount onto the rails. But not sure if the 5 in difference in width will make a huge difference on how much it sticks out from the car.

Anyone have an experience with this rack/platform? I would assume mounting it to the rails will give you more static weight capacity VS the mounting it to the OEM cross bars.

Thank you
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