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Regardless of where you purchase your tires from, most tire manufacturers include a workmanship material warranty and some even offer a tread wear. But... What's the difference and how do you know what each covers?

We wanted to provide you that answer, along with some general information about each. Lets dive in!

Workmanship Material Defect Coverage

The Workmanship and materials warranty, also sometimes called limited or standard warranty, offered by a tire manufacturer is to protect from defects in the manufacturing process or for the materials used to make the tire. Should a tire have this occur within the first 2/32nds tread life, most manufacturers will just replace the tire outright. Beyond that point, they typically prorate it based on tread depth. This may also have a time limit attached to it such as up to the first 12 months for free replacement or up to 5 years for prorated credit.

Tread Wear Warranty

A tread wear warranty, which may also be referred to as the supplemental mileage or limited mileage warranty, is not a money back guarantee, the design behind a tread wear warranty is to give the buyer peace of mind that they estimate the tire should last a certain number of miles. In the event a tire wears out before the mileage warranty, as long as the tire qualifies, the customer is eligible for a prorated credit towards the next set of tires.

An example would be, if a tire comes with a 40,000 mile tread wear warranty and the tires were to wear out after 30,000 miles. As long as the tires are evenly worn from shoulder to shoulder, and all 4 are worn down at the same time, this indicates that the vehicle is being maintained and aligned, as well the rotations are being performed regularly. You would receive roughly 25% of your purchase price towards the next set of tires since you only received 75% of the mileage warranty.

What if I have a staggered fitment and I'm unable to rotate from front to back? Great question!

In the event you have a staggered fitment, most manufacturers only offer 50% of the stated warranty. This can vary from one manufacturer to another, as some give full credit on the front or rear axle, and partial credit for the other. We recommend checking the warranty information specific to your tires.

Here is a bit more information Tire Warranty | Discount Tire

As always, should you have any further questions feel free to stop by your local Discount Tire. Here is a quick link to our Store Locator | Discount Tire. If there is anything we can be of assistance with on our end, feel free to reach out by Private message. We will make sure you are taken care of!
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