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Hi All,
First post here and I appreciate all the interesting threads that have helped us with our new Ascent (especially the cargo area lighting upgrades).

I have an opportunity to use a set of wheels off a 2017 Outback on our 2020 Ascent. I would install winter or all-terrains on them that are appropriate for the Ascent. Here's the specs I've found so far that suggest they won't fit but would appreciate confirmation either way. Thanks.

Concerns: (1) clearing calipers (2) rim width (3) load rating

Specs from:
Outback: Subaru Outback 2017 - Wheel & Tire Sizes, PCD, Offset and Rims specs
Ascent: Subaru Ascent 2020 - Wheel & Tire Sizes, PCD, Offset and Rims specs

2020 Ascent Limited2017 Outback
OEM tires245/50R20 102H225/60R18 100H
OEM rims7.5Jx20 ET557Jx18 ET55
Bolt patternPCD: 5x114.3PCD: 5x114.3
Load rating1,873.92 lbs1,763.69 lbs
ThreadsM12 x 1.25M12 x 1.25
Center bore56.1 mm56.1 mm

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Hi, the load ratings in the chart are for tires, not wheels. Subaru's wheel manufacturer says the only OEM Subaru wheel that's designed to carry the Ascent weight is the Ascent wheel, and absolutely no other OEM wheel.

Sorry for the bad news.
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