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I found a white Limited in transit on August 24th so I put a deposit on it at a local dealer. The caveat was that I needed it no later than the end of September and it had to have a trailer hitch installed. No hitch, no deal.

I called 2 weeks ago to check on it and was told it should be in around the 22nd. I reminded the salesman that the end of the month was a hard cutoff. No news until I called this morning. Salesman couldn't confirm the status so I told him to cancel the car and I would go to plan B. He called a little while later with good news and bad news. He said the car would arrive tomorrow but the hitch is backordered until January. I told him no problem, I would stay with plan B. He said he would call his area rep to see if he could come up with a hitch. Lo and behold, he found one at another local dealer. They are supposed to have the car ready to go by sometime tomorrow afternoon. If so, and it has the hitch, I will take it. If they don't, back to plan B.

I feel bad for those folks without a hitch but I wasn't going to take delivery without it. The car is of no use to me if I can't tow anything with it. Looks like they have a few hitches lying around for special cases. I am ok being the special case this time around. We will see what tomorrow brings.
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