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WHAT? Need to replace Fuel Systems, Lines and Connections at 30,000 miles per Subaru

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Just purchased this 2019 Ascent about a month ago. While looking at the 30k mile or 30 month service schedule, it's telling me that I need to Replace the Fuel Systems, line and connections. I can't believe what I'm reading. I've owned at least 12 vehicles since I received my license and am a car guy, but I've never run across this. Can somebody shed some light on this for me please? Thanks in advance.


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this was recently discussed on this thread

Once the updates hit your app, it should say "Inspect" instead of "Replace". The correction has already been submitted to the MySubaru team.
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Very cool. Thanks for the information.
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Reactions: 1 face value, that makes no sense Whatsoever.
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