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Brand new Ascent here, just finished our first road trip. The car is great, adaptive cruise control is amazing, I'm very happy with it. It handles better than the one I first test drove in November - the CVT is smoother, there's no turbo spinup/lag feeling, steering seems more balanced at various speeds. Everything is as good as I expected or better.

Except for the media controls. I took some notes while fiddling with it, I'd love someone to tell me how to get it to work the way I want. More likely I just need to send this in to Subaru to join the chorus of complaints.

Here's how I wish things worked:

1) Radio, Apps and Phone buttons should each turn on their own audio source only. The Home button should turn on the most recently used app screen - Subaru main menu, Subaru apps, CarPlay or AndroidAuto. It should not turn on any audio input at all. The other buttons - Radio, Phone, Apps, should each only turn on their own audio source. For example, the only button that should turn on the radio is the Radio button. If there is no phone connected, or no app available for music (please allow a default to be assigned to this button) then those buttons should turn on the screen with a message to that effect. They should not turn on the radio.

If my phone is disconnected from the cable while using CarPlay, do not start playing the radio.

2) The system should save a separate volume level for each input.

3) Currently, the Source button on the steering wheel has inconsistent functionality. If the system is off, pressing this button turns it on to the last used audio source. If the system was muted, pressing this button turns it on to the next audio source. In both cases it should just turn the system on to the last used audio source. When the audio system is on, holding the Source button for 3 seconds should turn system off (like most other cars).

4) Apps button should turn on the most recently used screen of apps, i.e. CarPlay when a phone is connected. (In reality the Starlink apps shouldn’t exist at all, even if Pandora or Aha or whoever paid money. Charge $20 more for the car and get rid of them. Heck, get rid of the Starlink app and everything in it. Tell your business development team to stop signing stupid deals that force you into inelegant and unavoidable “features”. Stuff like this makes me less likely to recommend the car.)

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