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What do you think of these deals?

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Hi Guys,

Another VIP negotiation thread.
I'm now up to 3 dealers willing to work with me honoring VIP pricing.

2019 Ascent Limited 8 Passenger (no HK or accessories).

The deal should be invoice minus 2% with Delivery which from my calculations are $36660.72 before fees and NJ Sales Tax.

One dealer told me my invoice pricing was $400 off.
Second dealer told me invoice minus 2% + delivery/destination should be $37,039
Third Dealer basically honored my $36660 estimate but added $199 for Window Etching (I always have this removed), $600 clerical, $410 for DMV so almost $1200 in fees.

What do you guys think? Is the Ascent Invoice Sticky Thread inaccurate?
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Yeah no deposit unless I actually see a buyer's order.
Right now I'm working on a deal thats within $300 of what I estimated my deal to be so getting close.
I'll post the deal once the deposit has been taken.
I am hopeful they'll find me a vehicle before the 8 weeks.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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