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Though sadly without my Ascent!

We rented a Nissan Armada to handle all the luggage and 5 passengers. But even that didn't work as they only had a 2017 Ford Expedition XLT!

Wow, did I miss my Ascent that whole week! The Ford cost $16k more base than my Premium did and I only found one, maybe 2 advantages. It tows 9,000lbs instead of 5,000 and I think it had an inch or two more of headroom (though at 5'7" it's not an issue for me).

The infotainment screen was tiny! 4" and not touch screen either! Not only that, but neither the iPhone 6+ of my girlfriend or my Samsung S9+ could be used in USB mode. "Not compatible" on the iPhone and "can't play protected content" on my android. Neither would pair on Bluetooth either.

The seats were uncomfortable. After an hour my back would hurt. Didn't matter how I adjusted the seat, it just didn't work.

All the controls felt like they were embedded in Molasses. The steering took huge amounts of input to turn the vehicle and there was about 5 degrees of slop around the center. The throttle would take a large press just to get the thing going. I could see how people might say the Subaru throttle is "twitchy" if they were used to a throttle like this!

The Ford had more power (over 100hp more) but it definitely didn't feel like it. One time I needed to punch it to get up to speed and there was a lot of lag before the power came on.

I did manage to eek out 22mpg by babying the throttle. Plus we were usually only going 35-45 mph due to the slow speed limits and traffic. My Subie would get 30mpg+ in this situation!

Surprisingly, there wasn't any more room for luggage or passengers. The Ascent was just as roomy inside (except the headroom comment from earlier).

No adaptive cruise control or eyesight safety. No auto headlights.

So whenever you have something on your Subie bugging you, go rent a Ford Expedition and go for a road trip. Then come back and enjoy all the wonderful comforts provided you. Those niggly things will go away!
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