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I have 5k on my 21 Ascent. After the car is driven and parked in the garage, it emits a strange smell. It's not exactly a gasoline smell. It smells like tool oil. It does not smell like burning motor oil on a hot engine part or electrical or any form of hot plastic. The engine oil level has not budged. If any of you have ever shopped at Harbor Freight, it smells like their stores. I know strange analogy, but it's the best I have. It really stinks. I can find no dripping or evidence of a leak anywhere.

The other thing is some times at idle like at a stop sign, we seem to get a faint exhaust smell in the car with the windows up. I don't think it's traffic around us as it happens sometimes if we are the first car at a light. If we put the ventilation on recirculate, we don't get it. Anyone else? It's especially noticeable if the idle period is longer than 3-4 minutes, which we do encounter due to cold weather. (-27F will lead to warm up times via remote start). Unfortunately, it is hard to predict or produce on command. If you made me venture a guess, I would say the exhaust headers have a leak and fumes are going from the engine compartment to the vent system, but in my experience you usually hear an exhaust header leak.

This car is making me think it's bi-polar. I'll drive it one day and think "wow this is actually a pretty nice vehicle"....then the next I get things like above and think to myself, "well, only 2 more years thankfully". Right now, I'd say we are 40% towards positive. I'm going go give the car another couple of thousand miles then back to the dealer to ask some hard questions.

For the record, after 5k, the mileage continues to suck. We have yet to see more than 320 miles out of a single tank when the fuel light comes on so approximately 20mpg on our best tank and that's being driven like there is an egg under the accelerator. We will be coming out of the winter gas season here in the next few weeks so we'll see if that makes a difference, but I don't have much hope. My gut is 2.4l turbo is simply spending too much time in boost mode, much like an Ecoboost when towing, except I'm not towing.

But on the plus side, I got the rear hatch to open from the inside---it was the unlock "safety" feature meaning you have to unlock all the doors--thanks to the group for that. I knew the car had safety features, but no clue it was such an electronic nanny LOL
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