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WeatherTech rear bumper cover (black) for 2023 Ascent

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I was on the notification list waiting for WeatherTech to make a bumper cover available for the 2023 Subaru Ascent and got the email that's they are ready to order today!

Price at the time of this post shows $49.95 for me (USD).

I just put in my order. I've been looking for an official bumper cover that is black (instead of chrome), so am excited to get this.

(pic taken from weathertech's website)

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I had actually completely forgot I was on the notification list for the WeatherTech bumper cover. The email today was a total surprise. I also looked at the black chrome OEM version, but for me it was still too much chrome.

I was considering one of the generic bumper covers I see on amazon as well. I'd much rather have one that was designed for this specific vehicle.
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Did anyone here actually get the Weathertech bumper topper? Curious your impression and hoping you might be willing to post a couple pics? TIA
I have it at my house now, still in box. When I get a chance to install I'll take some pics or video and share here.
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Looking forward to it. Thanks.
FINALLY got around to installing the rear bumper cover. Sorry for the wait!

It's a bit thinner than I expected, but looks and feels rugged and it's rock solid once I stuck it on the bumper. After installing I grabbed the edges and yanked back and forth, it didn't move..I was able to rock the car around by grabbing the bumper cover. Seems pretty solid. :)

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Thanks for posting. The problem that I am having is people drag their suitcases out of the back and the sloped part of the bumper is getting scratched. It looks like the OEM version covers the sloped part of the bumper completely. But I can’t tell from your photo if the Weathertech covers this area.

Does the Weathertech cover the sloped area completely?

Thanks for your help.
It does cover the edge/lip of the bumper. It comes down over the edge maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Not a ton, but enough to protect it from stepping on at an angle.
@rockthebeef It looks like the bumper cover doesn't stretch all the way to the sides. Is that just because it is already starting to curve up at that point? Do you feel like the coverage is good or lacking?
I have the OEM protector, not the Weathertech one mainly being discussed in this thread. But I would say yes, it covers about as much as the flat part as much as possible before the side begin to curve up. I think the covereage is good, but the ultimate coverage would be to add one of those flaps that fold out of the cargo area and drape over the bumper.
It's the same with the Weathertech one. It doesn't go all the way to the edges (left/right edges) of the bumper. Looks about the same width as the OEM one from the pic above.
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