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WeatherTech rear bumper cover (black) for 2023 Ascent

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I was on the notification list waiting for WeatherTech to make a bumper cover available for the 2023 Subaru Ascent and got the email that's they are ready to order today!

Price at the time of this post shows $49.95 for me (USD).

I just put in my order. I've been looking for an official bumper cover that is black (instead of chrome), so am excited to get this.

(pic taken from weathertech's website)

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NICE!!! I was iffy about passing on this for our new Onyx Limited, but it is a small bumper and I hatted that there was not a straight black option. Only black chorme. Feels like it defeats the point of the onyx to me. Plus it is cheaper. I'll be ordering this ASAP!

Weather Tech mats suck, but this should be good.
@rockthebeef It looks like the bumper cover doesn't stretch all the way to the sides. Is that just because it is already starting to curve up at that point? Do you feel like the coverage is good or lacking?
1 - 2 of 29 Posts