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We had poor weather this week here in Denver and though I thought I as driving carefully, on slide through a stop sign on a slick side street and and a Honda CRV hit my wheel, rear quarter panel. Wheel is bent rubs on something when driven (only drove to move out of traffic). All lines along the door, roof line and rear hatch appear to be OK. Have to wait a few weeks until it can be towed to a shop but only now considering that there may be unibody damaged and I'm unclear how that's assessed. We're at fault, I get it, and all involved were uninjured so very grateful.

While I'll let the Pros assess, are there any tell-tale things to look for on this part of the car that would signal larger damage issues to be worried about, or to ask the auto body / my insurance? This is a 2019 Touring with about 26K miles.

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