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Has anyone who has placed a pre-order with a VON recieved any confirmation of a VIN for their vehicle? I wonder where Subaru is on the production? I have a VON, but have not finalized the deal; the whole thing is up in the air. I have some business to attend to and may be 'out of town' so to speak when the car arrives at the dealer. Bad timing. I was thinking that I could cancel the order and defer it for a later date giving that allocation to someone who is less patient. It certainly would have been easier to just buy one off the lot, but I would imagine that scenario will be way into next year judging from the interest in the Ascent.

I did read somewhere not on here that D-day would be this Monday or next, so I am thinking they haven't even made any productions cars at this time. from past experiences you get you VIN at the 30 day mark.
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