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Unidentified squeak

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I’m hoping for some help. I have a 2019 Limited. It have a rapid squeak that sounds like crickets having a domestic disturbance! It’s most sensitive to high frequency vibrations (think rapid, shallow bumps). The acoustics of the car make it very hard to tell, but it sounds like it’s coming from the rear or center.
I love my car, but the noise is driving me crazy. Any hotspots I should check?
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Not sure if this is it or not, but check the engine bay. I had a squeak on my 2022, and it ended up that the positive battery terminal cover had come off got wedged nearby.
Thanks for the reply, I checked, it’s not that. I’m fairly sure it’s in the mid section. Putting down the middle seat backs reduces it significantly. It doesn’t seem to be the headrests.
Any chance it’s the spare tire? Check the torque on the spare tire hanger from the trunk
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