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I joined this forum a few months ago and took delivery of the crystal white Touring on May 1st. This was a difficult decision for many reasons. I was examining the Telluride, Palisade, CX-9 and the Ascent. The Ascent is actually going to be my wife's car but she isn't currently driving because of medical treatment and she takes drugs which prevent her from driving safely.

Timing was predicated by possibly needing to drive my wife from Florida to Maryland for a medical appointment in June. The appointment has been converted to telemedicine so that reason is off the table. I wanted a quieter and more comfortable (and safer & more reliable) ride than her 21 year old Lexus RX300 or my 10 year old Mazda 6 (although nether car ever left us stranded and they are well maintained, neither is particularly quiet or comfortable any more).

In the 2 weeks that we've owned it, it has less than 100 miles because I'll only use it when my wife is the passenger. I feel weird that she can't get to drive her own car and want to try to "preserve" the "she's the first one to drive it" when that becomes possible.

In the mean time, I've just ordered a bunch of accessories in addition to the Touring and Popular Package 2 options. On order:
OEM wheel locks
OEM third row seat back protector
OEM door edge guards
OEM second row captain seat covers
OEM third row seat covers (2 canine copilots)
OEM cargo net
Sport Wing body side molding

Already delivered, a Curt 4" drop ball mount with 2" ball and u-bolt hitch tightener. Need to put 1000 miles on it before towing according to the manual. It'll take a while.

The only new owner observation that I'll make so far is that this CVT seems to be better sorted out than the original test driver I borrowed overnight a few months ago. Less "leapy" off the line unless that's what you want and less jerky fake shifting.

BTW, this forum was one of the reasons that we have the Ascent and not the CX-9. I have owned 4 Mazdas through the years and think that they're highly underrated vehicles. The CX-9 would have cost less than the Ascent, my wife and I love the styling and the colors but there is barely any user community for the CX-9. With the complexity of all the new vehicles, everyone really needs the group intelligence to best utilize the vehicles AND solve problems. There's power in needing to get something fixed and already knowing the cause and the remedy. The best consumer protection IMHO.

Thank you Ascent community.
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