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Well, all of you Ascent Adventurers, you've all told me your Ascent off roading wish list, so I figured I'd bug our friends over at Primitive Racing. You heard it here first. Primitive Racing has a few amazing new things coming out for the Ascent in the not too distant future.

Not necessarily in this order, are:
  • A number of you have been asking me if there's any winch mounts available, like the cool ones for the Crosstrek. Well, a front bumper winch mount/platform is being designed by Primitive. This will come with a Warn/Axon winch option.

  • The next thing I know a bunch of you have been asking for are rock sliders. Well, not just is Primitive planning those for us, but, they're going to made from Docol R8!!!
They're insanely busy right now, so, it'll be a little bit, but, with some patience, that's two of your wishlist #AscentAdventure items you'll see for your Ascents in the future.

#SubaruAmbassadorRobert #subaruambassador
Rock sliders may have been nice here...
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