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Want to boost engine oil performance? -

Very interesting. I won't be using it, but if planned to keep for 250k or more I might.

Boron Nitride (HBN) is similar but a lot pricer:

From another thread:

Yes, I also noticed that hBN was less effective in this test as compared to MoS2. However, hBN did reduce wear compared to pure PAO(if not friction). I wonder what the reason for this is, does hBN not work well with pure PAO for example?

It easy to find studies were hBN has been found to be effective, for example this one where hBN was added to two different brands of 15W-40 diesel oil and was found to lower friction and reduce the wear rate by 58%:

Also I find this interesting: Rice team develops thermal nano-oil with high thermal conductivity and good insulation properties - Green Car Congress
Apparently addition of hBN increases the thermal conductivity mineral oil. Could this effect be of benefit in a car engine or not?

Furthermore, I stumbled upon this Henkel product, SLA 1710. Is this how hBN fluid is marketed to additive manufacturers (repackagers?):$File/SLA%201710-EN.pdf

"Provides a revenue generator with a differentiated product against traditional graphite or PTFE lubricants by offering extreme pressure performance with friction reduction properties from the boron nitride"

"Provides cost-effective usage in finished lubricant to provide superior lubrication
performance, consumer confidence and repeat sales"
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