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TSB's vs. recalls

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I realize that TSB's and recalls aren't the same thing, but I've got a q for the group. What can the consumer do about TSB's that seem to affect them?

We own a 2019 Ascent. Bought the 10yr/100K exctended warranty. I've asked the dealer about TSB's like the rear hatch power draw and the fluttering hood fix. They act like I shouldn't be asking about this stuff.

The car is going to them in a few days for a piece of trim they broke so I asked if someone could drive it on the highway and tell me whether the hood flutter is acceptable or not.
He said I'd have to make an appt.

So, back to my question - if there's a TSB, and you think your car might be affected, what can you do?
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There were 300 Ascent TSB's?? Sheesh. Is that way above average?
A TSB is not a recall. It's a Technical Service Bulletin. Or, a Service Bulletin that's technical in nature. It may be related to a recall, but that's because of the technical details.

In simpler terms, consider it a topic specific training guide. That's all it is.

So, the more the merrier.

Is there a website that has all of the Ascent TSB's in one place?
NHTSA has many of them.

STIS has all of them, in their latest and most up to date form.
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ALSO, to add to @denissh's far better summary of it than mine, NHTSA is a great place to find historical/previous versions. When Subaru releases a revision, it replaces the previous one.
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