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Toyo Proxes STIII?

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Hey folks,
I am trying to look at options for improving the handling of my 2023 Ascent Limited.
The stock Falken's are just awful and I want them gone.
I wanted to go with Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus but I'd have to move up to 255/45-20. One place shows the minimum rim width for those to be 8". I had also looked at the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate in the same size and Goodyear also shows minimum rim width to be 8". (I have experience with both of those tires and have been very happy)

So I am nixing that. The only ultra high performance A/S tire that I can see being an option in the stock size is the Goodyear Eagle Sport. This is an older tire and can't find much on it. There are 2 versions to this tire. One with a higher load rating (so I'd expect tighter steering from this one as it should be more rigid). I am not super enthused about this tire.
I then ran across the Toyo Proxes STIII in a category I'd never considered. Street/Truck tire. A few reviews I've seen seem to suggest that they handle well. Toyo's own site shows them handling better than their own ultra high performance tire.

I am just unfamiliar with this category of tire and also don't know how the Toyo Proxes STIII stack up against other ultra high performance all seasons.

Anyone have experience with these tires or that can provide some thoughts?
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@Packard8 I know the decision has been made, but just wanted to thank you for the recognition. There are great resources out there for tire reviews and we appreciate your using ours.

@Ntivos any reviews of the tire so far? Would love to hear your opinion so far.
Hoping you all buy Mavis soon or expand this direction, so us East Coasters have some locations to get the work done. In the meantime, I will keep buying from Discount Tire Direct to have drop shipped to an installer near me.
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We are growing responsibly
I LOVE hearing that!!! :love:

It means you'll be around for a long time, and you won't need to take shortcuts to do that!!!

should be knocking on the eastern side door soon.
Looking forward to it!!!
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Wow, I am hearing great stuff about numerous Toyo models. They're one of the tires in consideration for my next all terrain (or another set of Wildpeak AT3W's).
@Robert.Mauro Toyo Open Country A/T3's, R/T and R/T Trail are used and recommended by many forum members. With so many different tread options, it is a solid choice for A/T customers.
@Discount Tire, awesome!!! We'll definitely be talking before my August Cross Country Adventure/National Parks fundraiser.
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