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We have a 2016 Taxa Cricket (2500lbs gvwr, ) that we towed with our 2010 Forester. Super fun for two adults, two kids, and the dog. This year we upgraded to the Ascent and took it up to Orcas Island. Everything handled great! Required some tight maneuvering in the campground, definitely was happy the car and trailer were not any bigger. We're looking forward to spending a week out with it next month, will be towing up mountain passes and much longer distance.

We did get an anti-rattle device for the hitch after a bunch of rattling during the first test tow. This one was 90% effective, but had to be installed upside down (thanks for the tips from previous threads). It did wear some of the finish off the hitch opening, but not a major deal.

This one did not work at all due to welds on the hitch:

At some point I'll replace the Subaru coupler with something more standard, but this setup is working fine for now.


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