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We traded in our Outback with the specific intent of using the Ascent to tow our new Lund 1775 Adventure boat. We just got back from a two-week fishing trip to Henry's Lake (just outside West Yellowstone) traveling from Salt Lake City to Macks Inn, Idaho. Wanted to share my experience.

The boat is 2,300 lbs. dry, and with our cargo and gas, I'd put the wet weight at around 2,800 lbs. The distance is 310 miles, and goes from an elevation of 4,200 ft. to around 6,500 ft. Winds were very light both ways and temperatures were from 70 to 86. Traveled 200 miles on Interstate and 100 miles on divided and two-lane road. Maintained speeds of 65 to 70 mph.

Going up, I got 20.5 mpg, and coming back the display reported 22.6 mpg. I was very pleased.

The mornings were cold, and the transmission would maintain high RPMs getting going, but once warmed up, I was pleased with the shifting. A couple of times, I had to romp on it to get up to speed with traffic flow, and with a very slight turbo lag, it would kick in and get going nicely. The tracking was excellent and I didn't really notice the boat most of the time once I was up to speed. As best I could tell, the blind-spot detectors kicked in just as a car was coming into range of the end of the boat. Felt like I had good views with the stock mirrors and quickly felt comfortable moving in and out of traffic.

On hilly terrain, I felt the cruise control tried too hard to maintain speed, so I turned it off and focused on maintaining RPMs, and occasionally I would use manual gears to get up steep hills. Also used the manual gears to maintain speeds going downhill.

Overall, I was very pleased with the performance, feel, and MPG of hauling a boat with the Subaru Ascent.
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