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Just adding a data point to the forum as others did and it was very helpful in this build. I hope this helps others as it did help me.

The trailer is a converted cargo trailer 6x12 v-nose single axle w/ e-brakes (6+ feet interior height):

I built out the inside with flooring, decorative walls/ceiling, bunk beds and a futon. Added a ceiling vent fan and side windows so there was quite a bit of aluminum cutting. Added shelving/storage and in the future it'll have a stowable toilet & shower. Still a work in progress but I couldn't wait to take it out on the road. Once the Ascent hit 1000+ miles on the ODO, I was on my way.

Trailer with cargo weighed about 1800-2000 lbs (1300 lbs just from the factory) - tongue weight was 200 lbs. Took it from NYC to our usual campsite in Penn, about 120 miles one way. Can't take the trailer on NYS parkways so that added another 20 minutes to our trip. Overall, the whole trip was uneventful and without fuss. Towing was as expected.


Some observations:
  • Roads in Penn and NJ were particularly hilly but was able to maintain 60+ mph up most hills using Adaptive Cruise.
  • When going up one of the longer hills (about 2-3 miles) on a 85F outside temp, oil temps got as high as 238F.
  • Normal oil temp with some hills and level driving was around 220F (same 85F outside temp).
  • Even with a relatively light trailer, I can feel the trailer when accelerating. The Ascent has turbo lag but when it wanted to go, it would still be eager with the trailer. The trailer itself has a large frontal area (about 8 feet high from the ground).
  • Braking was mostly effective with trailer e-brakes (using Tekonsha Primus iQ brake controller - used the boost feature B1 or B2) - took about 100 miles for the brakes to fully seat in.
  • Average MPG was about 12.5. On level roads, the instant MPG reading was around 15-18, depending on headwind.
  • Trailer sway was very minimal even when passing 18 wheelers. The weekend was not very windy at all so crosswinds were not a factor.
  • With the trailer body being 6 feet wide, I didn't really need extended towing mirrors. I did need those small "blind spot" mirrors which stick to your existing mirror to see the wheels when turning. With the wheels/fenders, the overall width is 7' 8" (about 10 inches each side).
  • Backing up was pretty simple as well. The trailer is only 15+ feet long so it's simple with some practice.
Future plans for the trailer:
  • Wire in a CTEK battery charger for the house batt. I plan to use the existing 7-way connection into the trailer with one of the wires to charge. I wonder what the max amps that I can pull without burning wires or fuses. I was thinking a 10A charger would suffice for my 100 Ah 12V battery.
  • Hook up my 200 Watt solar panels
  • Stowable/collapsible shower/toilet area
  • Rear cargo trailer camera. I will need to run wires out the rear hatch.
  • Rooftop patio area with ladder - one day

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