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We went camping the other weekend and towed our large pop-up camper (3500 GVWR) up the mountains with I'm guestimating 3,200 lbs of actual load in it. It was a 90 mile trip with a 2,000 ft altitude gain pretty rapidly.... 5% to 7% grades or more. The camper felt great when hooked up and was very stable. We had a heavy cross wind and it was only when the speed snuck up to 75mph did it get a little bit unsteady. I prefer to stay around 65mph anyway, but the Ascent would get up to speed effortlessly so I had to watch my speed. (On the trip home 75mph was stead as there wasn't the strong wind that day).

Going up the steeper grades was no problem at all either. Several times I had to pass slow semis and the Ascent could accelerate easily even up the grade. Power definitely not an issue.

Braking was confident and the Tekonsha P3 did a great job. No camper wobble at all, except one time when I had to do heavy braking because a normal car was doing 45mph downhill! The Ascent handled that very well too with only a bit of camper shake. Probably need a touch more brake power on the trailer.


I used these tow mirrors, though the stock mirrors are "almost" good enough. But with these on I can see a bit behind me and not just off to the sides, so it was nice to have them. They stayed on secure, just snug them up, then grab the mirror and wobble it a bit to take out any play, then snug up one more notch. Stayed in place just fine and didn't vibrate too much.

I also used an app called TrackAddict with my OBDLink to gather lots of data about the journey. I've made a video of the data using RaceRenderer. It's a long video clip but you can just skip around to see speed, temps, grades, etc. There's an elevation map in the lower right corner so you can jump to the steeper climbs if you like. Temps stayed normal and oil temp only went up a bit on the steepest of grades, and even then we're talking about 6F or so.

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