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I’m wondering if these will eventually be available to purchase as accessory add-ons in the future. The reason I ask is cause if you look at the options for the Limited level trim, one of the options allows you to essentially buy the same head unit as what is in the Touring level trim... which to me means that I would then expect there to be available open ports in the back of the head unit for the front camera and rear smart cam to plug into. Would be great if it was already prewired to be plug and play.

Sorry, just my random wishlist...
I doubt this will be made available as accessories direct from Subaru - the aftermarket is another story.
I'm not sure the head unit matters for these items since they each route to their own screens. The smart rear view displays on the rear view mirror and the front view camera displays on the top mounted screen. Not to mention these 2 items distinguish the touring trim from the limited. Maybe in future years these will become standard features across other models.
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