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My car came in, 1 week early. We got to the dealer around 11, they had the car parked out front. It was being swarmed. At least 3 couples were checking it out. Thankfully it was locked! They took 2 backup deposits on it in case we didn't want it.
Let me explain, We thought we might want the blue touring instead because of the cameras and the vented seat. Turns out my wife was not a fan of the brown interior with those stupid white accents, enough to veto the touring and "settle" for the ltd we ordered. Our dealer was even willing to sell us the ordered ltd and trade it back in for a blue touring whenever they could get one. The only cost to me would have been the sales tax $2100:eek:.
Now it was time to deal, When we put down the deposit they said we would be taken care of on the price..have faith! (this was our 5th subaru from this dealer). We were dealing with the sales manager direct so the deal went down 300 over invoice, no 1400 dealer protection add on (wheel locks, door edge guards,pinstriping and wax/polish). The only charge I couldn't avoid was the 799 dealer fee. I am going back today to try and negotiate the gold plus price to what luke is charging and they charged me the concierge extra on the starlink plan. Need to get that refunded. We didn't want to stop driving it yesterday what a nice ride!
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