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I purchased a 2010 Outback when they changed the style and owned that car until 2015. With the crazy prices for used cars I traded in my Mazda for a new Ascent. It was a PIA to find a Touring model (or any inventory). I had to drive 90-minutes (2.4 hours one day due to construction), but I am back with Subaru.

We have a third child on the way and didn't want something big like a Tahoo or Yukon. However, we did almost buy the X7. They put together an amazing deal on that SUV (we currently own a new X5). But it's huge. Even with a Tahoo or X7, you will need additional space with 3 kids (cargo box, etc.) so we decided the Ascent was the perfect size for us.

I just had the one-hour phone call with the technology person today. Learned some tips and tricks.

I already changed the interior lights to LED and ordered the front chrome bumper protector. I also ordered a second hitch cover. Since I will use a bike rack, I am going to cut out the hitch so I don't have to take off the entire cover.

So far loving the car. Subies are fun to drive.
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