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Hey, is there anyone in the NY Metro Area who's got the 18" wheels who wants to trade for the 20's from my Touring? It's over a grand upgrade to the 20's, but all I want is the smaller rims and thicker tires, so, I'd settle for you paying the swap fee and TPMS reprogram fee at any convenient Subaru dealership near us - you save a grand and I don't have to settle for less aggressive tires.

I really want all terrains (which don't fit on the 20's), because I really spend a lot of time on the beach and on dirt and gravel trails.

I'd love to make a trade if someone is willing and while my (and your) wheels and tires are new.

ALSO: My wheels are Ceramic Pro coated as of a little while ago.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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