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Hi All,
New Ascent owner here (2020 limited), and my first post on this forum (although I browsed the archives quite a bit while I was researching and purchasing the vehicle). Quick question on tire sizing... I'm looking to "downgrade" the factory 20" wheels to 18". I'm leaning towards the Falken Wildpeak tires in 235/65-18, which is a little different than the OEM size of 245/60-18. I've searched and found some owners on this forum who are running 235/65-18 snow tires, but I want to confirm if those tires fit an otherwise stock vehicle (no lift, etc). Also, can someone please confirm if that slight (1%) increase in wheel size causes any problems with the electronics, calibration, etc (other than the obvious affect to the speedometer). Thanks for the feedback!

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Lots of tire discussion in the Tires area of the forum. Aside from the speedo/odo issue you cite--the calibration will absolutely be off if you deviate from OEM size, you'll need to change your spare to one of the same diameter as those you put on the four corners to avoid damaging your drivetrain when running the spare. That's not a Subaru's an AWD/4WD thing. Lifts don't buy you much on unibody vehicles, BTW, when it comes to increasing tire sizes.
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Tire size: 245/60R18 105H @ 35psi
--- Rated at 2039 pounds
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Tire size: 245/50R20 102H @ 33psi
--- Rated at 1874 pounds
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