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Hello from Toronto, ON, CANADA. My name's Jose and the Ascent is our third Subaru. Previously, we had a 2006 Tribeca and before that, I had a 2000 Impreza 2.5RS. I've always been amazed by the handling of Subarus, especially in inclement (snow mainly) weather. I look forward to snow so that I can drift and do donuts with my Subarus :grin: .

We took delivery of our Ascent on October 5th, 2 weeks earlier than what my dealer had promised us...Yay! We have the Premium model in Magnetite Grey Metallic and brown leather interior.
First impression of the Ascent? It is so darn quiet inside, even in the highway. Thumbs up to Subaru for raising the bar. Secondly, I can fill up with Regular gas, instead of the Premium gas that I was filling the Tribeca with. Thirdly, so much safety features like the Eyesight, lane departure warning, and I especially like the front camera!!!

I've been a member on different Subaru forums: Toronto Subaru Club, SB9T (Tribeca forum), NASIOC, RS25, Scoobymods. I just stumbled upon this forum and I'm glad I did! I look forward to reading, sharing, and learning all about the Ascent and the owners. Safe driving everyone!

Till next time!

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