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The usage of the quote is a welcomed and powerful tool. The ability to provide enhanced and definitive context to a response is beneficial to members. And yourself if a discussion is on a technical or otherwise detailed topic.

However, there are times when it is not necessary. And that time is when you are responding to the immediate post above yours.

The over use of quotes forces the brain to do an involuntary re-reading of something we just read. - On multi-page thread, that is a lot of repetition.

This innocent behavior not only clutters up the the flow, it slows down loading process of the page. Even if it looks indiscernible to you... And most of all causes great annoyance to many.

See post #2 below for when not to Quote....
From The FAQs....

When you see a post that you want to quote, click the reply button on that post. It will automatically add the quoted content to the content area where you can add your reply/comments following the code.

How To Multi-Quote

Step 1:
Click the multi-quote icon at the bottom of each post that you want to quote.

Step 2: Scroll down to the text editor where you are going to write your post. Click "Insert Quotes".

Step 3: A small window will pop up for you to verify (or delete) quoted content that will be added to your post. Click "Quote messages".

Final Step: The quoted content will automatically be added to the text editor.

Add your comments and click to post your reply.

Added Notes: You can multi-quote from more than one discussion thread in the forum. You can also simply highlight the part of the text you want to quote. A small popup will allow you to choose the multi-quote option using just the selected content.

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