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Sorry if I don’t use the correct car terms. I own a 2019 Ascent. The button that you push to open the tailgate doesn’t work. (The button you push from the drivers seat) It’s pushed all the way in—like it’s been jammed in there. How do I get this button unstuck?
I've had this happen a couple of times with my AVH button when I pressed it too hard before going through a car wash. The face of the button goes past the back side of the trim surrounding it, gets out of alignment and won't pop back out.

I just use a thin blade to realign the button and it pops back into place.

I now am more careful and just touch it lightly, it doesn't take much of a press to activate it. For me it's not worth a trip to the dealer to get it replaced since I use it so infrequently. The rear hatch button gets used a lot so I would want that fixed.
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