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Does anyone else find yourself wanting to test what eyesight can and can't do? I do! Here's a bit of what I've observed so far:

- There's a road near my house that within 100 ft or so has a quick left-then-right turn. (when the road is empty of course) As long as eyesight has identified the lane I'm in and if I allow it to control the wheel it does a great job steering left initially but will only warn me that I've departed a lane while it steers me into oncoming traffic when the lane immediately curves back to the right. Of course this only happens if I give the vehicle full control, which isnt the point of eyesight, but its worth noting the vehicle's response in the situation and the need for driver's attentiveness.
- LKA does a good job staying in a lane even on a decent curve on the interstate. I wouldn't expect it to drive me around curves while there's traffic around me without potentially causing a collision though, so don't rely on it solely!
- Collision avoidance has been hit-or-miss (pardon the pun). I like to maintain speed when I know a car in front of me is turning and will be out of the way when I get near enough, or I can steer slightly to avoid them. However, I've had it apply the brakes automatically a couple times. I guess better safe than sorry, as long as the car behind me is paying attention.
- ACC does a good job recognizing vehicles ahead, but only when they're moving within 35mph or so of my current speed. I've found that if I want to solely use ACC with traffic lights, sometimes its necessary to manually adjust the speed to slow down early and allow it to see a vehicle thats already stopped at the light. The braking is also smoother that way. Yes, I realize its not recommended to use ACC around town with stop lights, and that it WON'T stop on it own for a redlight with nobody already stopped there.
- ACC sometimes waits a little longer than I'd like before it applies the brakes, especially in heavy stop and go traffic. I've found that by adjusting the following distance it will apply the brakes sooner and smoother. This also works in the previous ACC situation for stoplights.
- Unscientifically speaking, I think I've been better about using my turn signal since buying the Ascent because of the LKA resisting changing lanes without signals.
- Minimalistially speaking, I like the HUD. Practically speaking, I feel like a little more info would be nice. Sometimes my speed is decreased slowly enough that I don't notice I'm going 5mph slower because of a slow vehicle ahead. The green light is nice but some speed indication would be better. I haven't left the turn signal on long enough to activate any reminders (do we even have anything in the Ascent that tells us if its left on too long accidentally?), but the HUD would be a good place to put a blinker reminder. I like my steering wheel height right at the top of the speedometer gauge, so it usually hides the turn signals.
- Eyesight disables rather quickly, but thankfully the vehicle doesnt slow quickly, during heavy rain. A foggy windshield will turn it off a little less quickly, it just doesn't provide much help since it can't find the lanes or obstacles in that situation. There's a defroster in the windshield for the wipers, so maybe in the future they'll add one to quickly defrost in front of the eyesight cameras also.

I'd be interested to hear if others have shared the same observations, or have additional ones to add!
disclaimer: drive safe and remember the driver is always responsible for full control of their vehicle

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Thanks for those observations! Iโ€™m anxiously waiting delivery of my Limited next Friday and canโ€™t wait to try out these features.

Iโ€™ve heard that itโ€™s not advisable to apply RainX or other hydrophobic coating on the windshield as itโ€™ll interfere with eyesight. Ok understanding that, what about the dirt, grime, water spots that build up on your windshield? If thereโ€™s a slight layer of this, would that interfere with Eyesight as well? I know even if you donโ€™t smoke in your car the plastics will leach some sort of buildup on the inside of your windshield. If so do you have to maintain an absolutely clean windshield at all times? I imagine this would present the best condition but not everyone cleans their windshield after every time they drive their car. So I imagine there must be a degree of film that Eyesight can tolerate before its functionality is impaired. Having said that does it make sense that a hydrophobic coating (thatโ€™s applied on the outside without hazing) still interfere with Eyesight?
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