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I traded up to an Ascent from a Mazda CX-5 specifically so I could tow a future hard sided camper. I was originally looking at the small Airstreams (16’ Sport, Basecamp & Nest). As intended, I watched the Ascent - Airstream tow test on YouTube and imagined myself exploring the country with abandon.

Of course, anyone who spends any time on either company’s forums, quickly learns that towing that combo is not at all realistic. After much hand-wringing and wishful thinking, my Midwest reality-based pragmatism kicked in and I bought a nüCamp [email protected] 320 S teardrop camper. It is cozy to say the least but easily towed by the Ascent and nüCamp, with its Amish roots, has an excellent reputation for build quality and product support.

I had to drive three hours to pick it up, so it was trial by fire driving it home to North TX on crowded, bad freeways. I could definitely tell I was towing something when trying to get up to speed, but it was really smooth between 65-70 mph. I didn’t feel any sway. The camper was a little bucky when changing speeds, but dealer said to expect that when towing empty.

One thing that surprised me was the drop needed for the ball hitch. I had purchased a Curt adjustable hitch but even that didn’t drop it enough. The dealer sold me an 8 inch drop, but ideally I needed a 10 inch to tow level; they didn’t have any in stock.

I bought the Tekonsha P3 brake controller and installed it on the pop down door to the fuses near the left driver’s knee. I just used a few stacked washers on the right side to make up for the slight curve and used self drilling screws. Easy peasy. This is my first time needing a brake controller but it seemed to do what it was supposed to because I had no issues slowing down.

Overall, super happy with first tow experience! ???
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