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Had my 21 Ascent in recently for a few issues that needed fixed and the reoccurring transmission annoyances was one of them.

Here's the confusion.
RO Sates
  • Perform TCM Reflash
  • TSB 09-88-22
  • New CID Q93EF100
  • Old Part # 90919AH14E (I think it should be 30919AH14E)
  • New Part # 3091AH14H (I think it should be 30919AH14H)

BUT, that TSB is an ECM reflash, not TCM and is for the starter motor not operating below 0F which has never happened and is not part of my concerns. It appears that the CID and Part #'s are related to the WRK-21 recall for the 19-20 Ascent. Although the CID and Part # is not in an TSB or Recall documents that I have been able to find.

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So is this a new TCM update for the 21 Ascent or possibly the TCM programming from the 23+ Ascent? I did contact SOA about some of the issues to include the transmission annoyances.

For some background, here are my complaints. They line up with many on the forums and facbook groups.
  • Transmission whine - This happens when the fluid temp is cold and somewhat common among other Ascents. However, it also whines when warmed up. This happens when I pull off the interstate after a little bit of a jaunt and it's fully up to temp. Go to accelerate from the stop and drive around intown and it continues to whine under acceleration. The harder I accelerate, the more it whines. Just like power steering pump sounds.
  • Transmission Behavior - I will admit that the fake shifting seems to be smoother in the short amount of miles I have been able to put on it since the reflash. The dead spot at 20ish mph is still there, not any better or worse.
  • Chirp - I know this is hopeless, but I figure if people keep bringing it up that something might be done about it? Hopeful thinking on my part. lol
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