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Here's a collection of My Subaru Stories. Many are Ascents, numerous are older Subies, showing Subaru's testament to safety has been going on for decades. I've actually talked to most of the people in these stories, and been forwarded the other stories by people who know the Subie owners.

There's this lady who rolled her Ascent multiple times in the desert at high speed only suffered minor injuries:

Or Josh in this accident that could have been horrific:

Or Tom, who got rear ended by a Dodge RAM 1500 and pushed into another vehicle:

Or this sad head on collision where the driver of the 4x4 that hit the Subie didn't make it 😭
the Subie driver self extricated.

Or this Gen 5 Outback:

Or this 2010 Forester that was in a HORRIFIC accident, and Kyle survived with only a concussion and 6 stitches.

Or Donna's son, who rolled his Outback down a ravine!!!
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And if anyone thinks it's a recent thing, here's Brad with his 2002 Subaru Outback:
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AND... last but not least, a personal one...

...and THAT is one of the most important reasons why I volunteer to be a Subaru Ambassador!!!

#SubaruAmbassador #SubaruAmbassadorRobert #SubaruAndSafety #MySubaruStory

This is my brother (shorter one on the right) in my former 2010 Subaru Outback. Yep, I owe Subaru at the very least, my brother's well being, if not his life...

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