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Subaru Ascent - Mud Flaps/Splash Guards - Is it a must-have ?

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I own a 2021 Subaru Ascent. Only recently did I realize most SUVs have the mud flaps/splash guard as an option. I live in Chicago where I do get a decent amount of rain and snow. The OEM splash guard seemed expensive at around $160+.

1. Are mud flaps a must-have in the long term ?
2. Has anyone tried 2021 Subaru Ascent | Mud Flaps - Laser Measured Splash Guards for Trucks and SUV's | WeatherTech ? This looked better than the Rally Armor model.
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Another vote for WeatherTech. Installed them today and really like how they are shaped to integrate into the body. They look 100% OEM. Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky
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I have the Weathertech flaps and just finished the first half of a 2,200 mile road trip. On the way out to the east coast,(1,100 miles) my overall mileage was 25mpg and that included the Appalachian mountains and a significant headwind for several hours. Before the mountains and wind, I was running at 27mpg. The Ascent was loaded with four people, luggage, and gifts as well as a roof box. I’d say the Weathertech flaps had no effect on fuel economy.
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