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Many people ask, so, here it is as a pinned post...

Privacy Policies
There are four sets of privacy policies regarding your use of your Subaru and related services (including their website). One or more apply to each owner. All are spelled out. Always refer to the most recent version online, but, currently (2021-06-10), to summarize, Subaru collects very little data beyond what's necessary to service vehicle owners' requests and actions.

Subaru's Eyesight Data Collection Terms (See your Eyesight and Vehicle Manual).
  • If you get into an accident, law enforcement and interested parties can subpoena the records, which include a short period of recorded data (cameras, ECU and Eyesight data, etc) that are permanently recorded at the time an impact is detected.

Subaru Starlink Privacy Policy:

Subaru MySubaru Privacy Policy:

And, if you live in California, this applies to you:

AT&T's Connected Car Privacy Policy

While not related to the car, Subaru also has a website Privacy Policy:

Other Services Used Through The Infotainment System
There are a number of other privacy terms/concerns related to using Android Auto and Apple Carplay, which everyone can research in the apps they choose to use on their Android or Apple device. Those have nothing to do with Subaru or the Ascent, as it would be the same in any other car or when using Android Auto/Carplay directly on your disconnected (from the car) phone.
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