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Strange issue with the radio presets with Sirius XM

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I noticed a rather strange issue with presets today on my 2019 Ascent Touring, which is driving me nuts (along with another separate issue) .
Usually, when in radio mode, holding the virtual buttons for presets at the bottom of the display screen saves the channel and button text gets updated to show the channel saved.
After a long while, I wanted to save a new channel today. Apparently, the channel got saved as a preset (I could go back to that particular preset button and the channel will play correctly), but the text didn't update at all. However, when I restarted the car the preset text was updated.

From what I recall, the text used to get updated immediately as is the case with other brands/models as well. My hunch is that it is a software issue, but then how it can be an isolated case on my car.

Have you noticed something similar? Any advice on what may be wrong and how it can be fixed?
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I haven't experienced that, but I would agree that it was a software or more likely a connectivity issue at the moment it was trying to update the label. I've seen plenty of times in the aux screen that the channel name won't display or it's delayed when moving to new stations, so it could be a similar glitch.
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