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Spare tire?

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With the third row seating, I wonder what the plan is for a spare? Has anyone noticed anything in photos?
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Other threads had me thinking about this:

I used to have a 2012 Chevy Cruze. It didn't even come with a spare tire. I did get a flat once so my 2 options were: leave the car where it sat while I took the tire for repair, or use roadside assistance for a tow. The former was quick and relatively painless. I got lucky there was a tire shop within walking distance and I had an hour and a half before they closed on a Saturday. I had that car for 5 years and only had a flat once.
I've had my Ascent for 3.5 years and have not had a flat. I've been toting around that extra 50-ish lbs for 47000 miles. I can't math that good but it must amount to some fuel cost with that extra weight.

Has anyone out there just nixed carrying their spare tire around town?
I guess if I could remember to put it back when I was leaving town, that would be a reasonable approach.

My Fiat 500 came with the spare as an option, otherwise the standard was a compressor that had fix-a-flat in it and also worked as just a compressor. I wish I'd kept that when I sold the car, as that was pure gold, and always enough to get me to a tire shop for a real fix. I have been fortunate in my many years of driving to have never had a flat that couldn't be babied to a tire shop either with slow/careful driving or a quick overfill at the gas station. Just had one fixed 2 weeks ago before a trip across the mountains...once again, able to baby it in to the tire shop to get the nail removed and tire patched.
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Out of sight...out of mind. I've never considered removing it.
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