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Spare tire?

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With the third row seating, I wonder what the plan is for a spare? Has anyone noticed anything in photos?
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Underneath...just like the Tribeca
Oh, interesting. Thanks. Is it a full-sized spare then? That would be nice.
Maybe I'll continue keeping a full sized spare on my roof rack like I have with my Outback over the last 6 years. Hmmm.
I take my Outback on huge trips into the mountains. I've had flats and will never go without a full-size spare again.
I'm keeping the possibility of a new Outback out there as an alternative to the Ascent if it doesn't seem like a good fit for mountain camping trips and whatnot. I had no idea that newer Outbacks had moved to a full-sized spare. That is so great and the kind of practicality I'm looking for and hoping the Ascent won't just be an AWD minivan.
Good grief. How tall is that dude? Now I'm even more confused.

But good news! Thanks so much for the catch.
Gotcha, that makes sense. My biggest question about the spare size is if it is the same circumference, would a REAL full-size spare fit in the same spot? I drove my 2012 Outback for a year before I realized mine would BARELY fit under the deck in a pinch.
Whoa.... I hope you're good at bench pressing 65+ pound overhead!?!? Maybe consider aftermarket hitch spare tire mounts?
It's not something I've had to do very often and it's never been a problem. Would just like to have the top freed up for my roof top tent and Skybox as-needed. I keep bikes on the back daily.
1 - 8 of 102 Posts
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