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Hello everyone! I currently seriously considering the Ascent as my family's next CUV. From looking at online pictures, Youtube videos and 1 test drive - I noticed the sound deadening material or pads are different in the Ascent engine bays. Can anyone confirm that the noise level is lower in higher trim models than lower trims?

The Ascent on the show room floor had the hood open (Premium trim I think). I didn't see much sound deadening material in the engine bay other than on the fire wall. Under the hood, it was bare except for the air shaft. In some YouTube professional review videos, the engine bays looks like it has black sound deadening material on the sides of the strut towers and additional material near the rear top ridge of the engine bay. I know Youtube professional reviewers normally get the top of the line trims from manufacturers for testing.

Also, I believe the higher trim models weigh more and all that extra weight can't just be from the 20 inch wheels alone.

Anyone can shed some light?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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