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Slight braking vibration. Normal?

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I have a slight vibration that is felt through the entire car when braking downhill at highway speeds. The vibration doesn't affect the steering wheel and doesn't necessarily feel like it's coming through the braking pedal but rather feels like the whole car is 'slightly' vibrating with a rumbling(ish) sound.

I took my car to the dealership and they said nothing was wrong although I have reason to believe they didn't actually do much investigation. They said they took it for a test drive around the local area but after reviewing the dashcam footage (that I'm guessing they didn't notice I have installed) they simply went down the road, braked slightly fast, and the turned around and went back to the dealership.
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I wonder if you might have a wheel bearing issue. I had this same problem on my impreza. The front brakes would shudder sometimes and feel as if they were out of round then they would be perfectly normal for long periods. It was an intermittent problem. Once the wheel bearing was replaced the brakes were perfect all the time.
Won't agree with you on this... my subie made no sounds at all... just looseness, wandering and sometimes front brakes that felt out of round. Every other FWD car I've owned made huge noises when frt bearing began to fail. Not my Impreza. In fact the dealer replaced both front bearings when the car had only 5000 Kilometers on it. I mentioned this in another post.

There will always be rotational play.

Anyways, front Subie bearings sound horrid under normal driving no braking. Hard to miss the sound.
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