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Hi all,

We just had to replace our 2017 Volvo XC90 T8 due to an accident and opted for a CWP Ascent Touring. Safety was a big factor and I felt the Ascent offered almost all of the niceties of the Volvo but at an out-the-door price below a base model XC90. I really didn't care for the insane depreciation of the Volvo after only 16 months of ownership (~$28k off sticker!). Even after getting a great deal value dropped like a rock. So far I'm missing Volvo's amazing Pilot Assist and some driving characteristics, but overall quite impressed with the utility of the Ascent. Wife also loves the mini-van like interior and second row captain's chairs!

Thanks for all the great information and I look forward to being here.

(P.S. - first Subie was a '16 STi Limited)
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