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Well I'll be taking the Ascent to the body shop to determine the extent of of the damage. Long story, short - we were doing a night drive out of town and came up on road debris that was under an overpass. It wasn't visible - at least to me - until we were about to hit it. It looked like a result of a crash, but there were no vehicles on the side of the road which was strange.
In any case, it was glass and large pieces of a bumper or possibly exhaust. I swerved last minute to avoid the large pieces from passing under the tires and having a blowout at 70mph. I was hoping I might have enough ground clearance but alas, contact was made and appears to have damaged some bracket or cross-member. I don't think it's the subframe. It looks to be support for the cooling system. Guess I'll find out.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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