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As I sometimes do, I was snooping around the Subaru official online parts database.

I tried to find the so-called CVT cooler that supposedly helps bring the Subaru Ascent's towing capacity to 5000 lbs.

I could not find one, at least by name.

However, I did find an engine oil cooler.

It seems it is labeled as an engine oil cooler, but I do believe I see AT oil lines going through it as well.

Subaru Ascent factory/stock auxiliary engine oil cooler P/N 45510XC000

My questions are:
1) Is this part exclusively an engine oil cooler, exclusively an AT oil cooler, or does it function simultaneously as an engine oil cooler and am AT oil cooler?
2) Is this part absent from the Base model Subaru Ascent?
3) If the answer to question #1 is that it is exclusively an engine oil cooler, what the heck is the secondary cooling method for the CVT fluid?!

I am curious as I wish to utilize such parts to upgrade the cooling capacity of another Subaru vehicle with a Lineartronic CVT. It's a very big inconvenience to see the "AT OIL TEMP" warning lamp illuminate when the vehicle has been put through only a few minutes of spirited driving in mountainous conditions. Also, I would like to help keep the CVT fluid's lifespan a bit on the longer end with a transmission oil cooler.
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