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Removing engine for upper and lower oil pan leak

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I took my 2022 Ascent in for a routine oil change and was told there was oil on the underside of the car so they needed to investigate to see if there was a leak. Oil level was fine, no oil leaks on garage floor, only 6000 miles on the car. They showed me a video of the actual leak and said it was due to upper and lower oil pan leaks so they would have to order parts and pull the engine to replace the upper and lower oil pans. In addition, they said the car might need parts for the turbo but they couldn't be sure until they started the repair and parts for the turbo are on backorder until April. In the meantime my new car is out of commission sitting in the dealer's lot and I don't have a car. No one can tell me what could have caused the oil pans to leak? I am concerned about the repairs and pulling the engine on such a new car - will it ever be "right" again or should I just try to get rid of it when the repairs are done? I noticed several older postings in the forum on oil pan leaks in the Ascents - I have to wonder what's going on with Ascent engines so should I rethink getting another one? And, what is Subaru's responsibility in not being able to fix the car for 2-3 months due to backordered parts? I've owned 7 Subarus over the years but this has shaken my trust in the brand. Appreciate any feedback to my questions.
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Ask them for a loaner.
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Q: Is it true that the oil pan uses no proper oil pan gasket or o-ring?
Yes, that's true, and is how it's done at the factory (except by robots, I believe) and by mechanics replacing or re-sealing an oil pan on an Ascent.
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Thanks RM. At least I know the dealer spoke the truth. Weird decision by Subaru...
A surprisingly lot of manufacturers are switching to a liquid gasket. It seems aluminum pans generally use a liquid gasket, but, I've seen steel ones that do as well.

For instance, here's Toyota's below:
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