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Done properly I think this is the way to go. This process can take the face to face "finance guy" sales techniques out of the equation. It will be easier for the buyer to control the review process. It will be easier and more convenient to review line by line all the document clauses and not rely on verbal representations. It will be easier for the buyer to red line any and all items we want eliminated. It will be easier to track changes. Any questionable verbiage can be researched at your convenience during or after the session from which it was introduced. Sticky notes can be used by the buyer to notate issues of concern. All product offering documentation can be reviewed in advance at your leisure. You can request the dealership send you the actual product offering contracts instead of just the sales brochures they often rely upon to make the sale (remember in a dispute it is the contract more than the sales brochure that is the controlling document). If during the remote session the finance person comes up with another offering that had not been provided to you before, you now know what type of operation you are dealing with and I would simply request another time for the session and tell them that you do not want any surprises. send everything to you (I mean everything) or don't bother at all.

This process already exists for mortgage documentation as well as many other legal documents. I would not use this process with a dealership that does not have their security act together.
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