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I was trying a setting in my garage for someone on this forum. I got into the car on the passenger side.

I pushed the start button twice to get into the Vehicle settings. I messed with the settings. Then turned off the AUX, The radio and head lights stayed on. I locked the car and went back in the house thinking it would time out.

Joke was on me I came back 5 minutes later to the radio playing and the lights still on.

I unlocked the car and still the radio played.

I got in the passenger side again thinking WTH.

I pulled the handle on driver door and bam everything turned off.

I rinse and repeated and the same thing happens. If I run AUX as a passenger and then get out without touching the driver door handle. The radio doesn't time out. I mean I understand why (sort of), but I've had plenty of cars were this hasn't been an issue. This is the first car I've had that relies on the drive to initiate the timeout sequence.

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Good to know! In some ways, it's good (for us who may want to leave things charging in our cars, like my camera batteries)... and in other ways it's bad.

Did it beep at you after you closed the door? If I leave the car on and exit the driver's side, it will beep at me a few times to let me know. I haven't tried the passenger side though.
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