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The rocking you felt is common when engines have a longitudinal crankshaft and the torque is applied to the motor mounts. Cars with front wheel drive and transverse crankshafts do it too but it's less noticeable because the car has more mass front-to-back than side to side providing damping.

Regarding the wind noise, check that all of the trim around windows is flush and all windows and moonroof are closed. Not sure how long your test drive was, mine was 24 hours and the wind noise observed during the test was the same degree as the car we own. Have you installed crossbars on the roof rails vs demo car didn't have them? Did you test drive a different trim level? If you test drove 20" wheels, they're noisier than the 18"s and might have masked other noises if you have 18"s now.

The Ascent paint is soft, but so are most of the newer finishes. I hate swirls and my dark color cars never go through car washes and I am the only one who maintains the finish. I've found that even well regarded detailers aren't as meticulous as I'd prefer when it comes to using clean cloths or polishing bonnets. Swirls drive me insane too.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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