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I installed primitive racing skid plates on my 2021 Subaru ascent about 6 months ago. Since then there is a strange vibration when doing tight turns and when accelerating from a stop. I've checked the installation multiple times and everything seems as solid as a rock. The vibrations seem to be coming from the turbo cooling duct, could it be possible that the cooling duct is rubbing something? I've tried to find something but I didn't see any issues.

One question I had is the cooling duct attached to the skid plate supposed to slip underneath the cooling duct attached to the front of the car, or over it? (Please see attached photos).

Skid plate Turbo duct goes below.
View attachment 19644

Skid plate Turbo duct goes above.
View attachment 19645

I tried both ways of installing the turbo duct but I still get the vibration. Do you have any suggestions?


Yossi Mirsky
If you haven't done so, you might contact Primative and see what they suggest. Good luck with it.

I assume there is a bolt that goes into the empty hole at the arrow? Is the bright bolt head actually contacting the mounting bracket as it appears to in the top photo?
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